Saturday, August 29, 2009

Our cruise in the Bahamas was to short and with deep regrets we had to head to St. Augustine to return to the real world for a couple of weeks. We were already planning our next trip back to the Bahamas if only we can dodge the Hurricanes this summer. Somehow cruising the east coast this year doesn't seem near as exciting as returning to the Bahamas where the sky and water are always blue.

Marsh Harbour bars and restaurants


West End to Green Turtle

We began our trip in Ft. Lauderdale on Saturday June 20th and made the Gulf Stream crossing to West End on Grand Bahama Island. We spent a couple of nights at Old Bahama Bay Marina which is one of the nicest marinas we have stayed at in the Bahamas.
From West End we proceeded east to Allens Pensacola Cay where we spent the night on the hook. The next few nights we spent anchored off Green Turtle Cay where we explored Green Turtle and Fiddle Cay. We spent the afternoon walking around New Plymouth where we had lunch at Laura's Kitchen, did some grocery shopping and spent time talking to the locals.

Opportunities in New Plymouth

Paul and Todd on the Beach at Fiddle Cay

On the Beach at West End

Friday, August 14, 2009

Key West

We made a trip to Key West over Memorial Day Weekend with Erin, Brian, Cole, Ray and Andrea. Erin, Brian and Cole spent the week before with us in Ft. Lauderdale and Ray and Andrea came down Wednesday for the trip to the Keys. Anchored out from Travernia Key the first night and then motored on to Key West where we spent the weekend. Everyone enjoyed the trip and as usual it was to short as the children had to be back to work the following week. Following are a few photos of the trip.

Fun in Key West

Enjoying the Keys

Dinner in Key West

Captain in Training

Swabbing the Deck


At the end of a long day